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So OMD Projects is now defunct, dead, no more, gone, over-the-hill etc! But I’m still around and this space is being made available in case there is any of the old stuff that might be useful to anyone else.

So I’ll just leave it hanging around for a while.

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A Wee Slide Show!

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ISTUD, Talent and Technology Module

Just back from beautiful Stresa in Italy where I taught for two days on the Talent and Technology Module of the MA in Human Resource Management. The MA is offered by the ISTUD Foundation and organised by EM Lyon’s Professor of Information Systems Lee Schlenker.

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ISTUD, Stresa, Italy

The ISTUD MA students’ work.

This work forms part of the Talent and Technology module for the MA in Human Resource Management. The movies were made over a two day period using only digital still and mobile phone cameras. The students were asked to tell a story using only 12 still images. No sinage was allowed in the first exercise and captions were restricted to twenty words in the main exercise.

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We’re launched!

Ok.. so decision made and we’re off and running on the next stage of the journey after Ultralab! Thanks to everyone who has made the launch of OMD Projects possible – your support and encouragement has been of immense value.

So.. check out the “About OMD Projects” tab to see the areas we’re going to be involved in and drop me a line if you have something you want to explore.

Thanks for calling by.


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Welcome to my WordPress space.

As you may know I’ve recently (December 2006) left Ultralab after six fantastic years working as part of a great team on some brilliant projects. But…. “All good things come to an end,” they say and well…. moving on is part of life! So I’m now on the lookout for some interesting things to do after Ultralab. Watch this space to see what these things turn out to be!

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In a new venture for OMD Projects we are backing a new talk orientated website for Northern Ireland. is designed to provide a discussion space for anyone in Northern Ireland to talk about anything to do with Northern Ireland. Easy really!

Why are we doing this?

Well… now that the shooting has stopped (mostly) we really have to get down to the business of talking across our community divides. No-one can pretend that it is going to be easy to wipe out the hurt of the last thirty plus years but we have to make a start and the first step is for ordinary people to get talking. The internet provides a fantastic space for these conversations to take place. aims to provide this web talking space for anyone who feels they want to avail of it.

The approach will be to concentrate on having simple, straight forward conversations about Northern Ireland and then to build some more controversial topics into the process as the community grows. Plans are in hand to invite some prominent figures to lead certain discussions as more people become involved.

So.. if you feel you want to be involved, or just fancy a wee look around or to share some ideas with me then visit today!

Let’s get started.

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